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Lorawan Smart Farm Solution

by Andy Chen
Lorawan Smart Farm Solution


As digital transformation trickles into the agriculture sector, agricultural development accelerated dramatically as a result of the Innovative technologies revolution.

Smart agriculture technologies bring something valuable to farming from data collection, analysis and insight to enhance decision-making, strategy implementation, farming operation, etc.Smart agriculture has the potential to make agriculture more productive, more consistent and to use time and resources more efficiently, which brings critical advantages for farmers and wider social benefits around the world.


- Time-and-volume-based farming strategy results in resource excess or insufficiency
- Great manpower requirement and high operation cost
- Complexities of conventional agriculture system become a big hindrance


The result of this project is an easier and more efficient means of managing plant growth and a means of enhancing food production. With the aid of the LoRaWAN® solution, anyone can access a high yield of farming and therefore be self-sustainable in the aspect of food production.

  • Non-invasive solution
    A farm with greenhouses located on a large property, where the LoRaWAN® solution would be perfect for its big range covering and data sharing in the same environmental monitoring network.
  • High flexibility and low maintenance
    The battery-powered sensors have done away with a lot of the repetitive work with high accuracy, and they can be added or moved anytime anywhere with no worries about cable and electricity.
  • Minimum human interference
    The plants are kept at optimum temperature, humidity, light, and soil moisture levels with little or no input from the user, which reduced the amount of labor in the farm.

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