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EOC-Converter Transmitter + Receiver

LINOVISION EOC converter is designed to upgrade traditional analogue video surveillance system to IP surveillance system without replacing coaxial cables. It is working with POE IP cameras, POE Wi-Fi AP, VoIP phones, etc. It also supports POE IP data transmission over twist pair cable.


Four port industrial POE switch, and any of the port can connect to POE device directly.meanwhile,This POE Ethernet Over Coax Switch functions as 4 EOC (Ethernet/IP Over Coax) Receivers, working with 4 EOC transmitters to transmit POE power and data to 4 different locations through coaxial cable (RG59 or RG6), with max transmission distance up to 3,000ft.If you have connection requirements for more than 2 devices, we highly recommend that you choose this product.


LINOVISION EoC Switch24 is equipped with 2 ports GE unlinks. Port 1-8 support ePOE long distance transmission. First 8 ports support both POE Power Over Ethernet and EOC IP Over Coax transmission, max 3000ft data and POE transmission distance.Smart managed, this eoc switch is layer-two web management, supports POE port management, VLAN, STP/RSTP, QOS, etc.It can also be used as regular POE switch to work with standard POE device (IP camera, VoIP phone, etc).


LINOVISION EOC Transmitter waterproof version is newly launched, with a rust-proof metal shell, If you have waterproof requirements can purchase this product.Transmitter only.