• 【LINOVISION EOC CONVERTER & POE SWITCH KIT】LINOVISION POE Over Coax Converter & Industrial 8-Port POE+ Switch Kit.Max 3000ft PoE transmission for upgrading analog surveillance system to IP surveillance system while using existing coaxial cable(RG59, RG6, RG11 cables).EOC Converter supports POE standards 802.3af (PoE) and 802.3at (PoE+).EOC Receiver powered by POE+ switch while Transmitter should be connected with POE devices or NON-POE devices
  • 【POE & IP OVER TWIST PAIR CONVERTER】 Each pair of EOC(Ethernet over Coax) Converter is equipped with 2 BNC to Twist Pair connectors, which enables POE over Twist Pair transmission. 100Mbps bandwidth over 330ft regular twist pair cables while 10Mbps over 1485ft for both POE or NON-POE devices. It’s ideal for the CCTV system in elevator cart.
  • 【POINT TO POINT CONNECTION ONLY】LINOVISION ethernet/IP over coax EOC Converter act as MoCA (Multimedia over Coax) in point-to-point connection, transmit video/audio/data/control signal over coaxial cable, so as being used with twist pair.
  • 【BT 90W POE OUTPUT & POE WATCHDOG】The first two red ports of LINOVISION Industrial 8-Port POE+ Switch support the IEEE802.3af/at/bt POE++ standards, providing up to 90W POE injector for high-power POE devices, like POE monitor, POE lighting, PTZ camera, etc. The total POE budget is 96W.At the same time realtime monitoring POE load device's status and will automatically reboot POE port when the connected device is not active
  • 【POWER ADAPTER INCLUDED】LINOVISION Industrial 8-Port POE+ Switch with 100~240V input power adapter, output 53V.Support 2 channel DC48-57V redundant power inputs.
  • 【INDUSTRIAL DESIGN】Plug-and-play.LINOVISION EOC Converter with built-in heat sink, ensure super reliability and hassle free transmission. Industrial 8-Port POE+ Switch:DIN rail mount, wide working temperature (–30 °C to +65 °C or -22 °F to +149 °F).6KV surge protection. Suitable for harsh environments such as factory, refinery and traffic light control box
SKU: EOC+POE-Switch1008DIN
POE IP Over Coax Converter banner

3 Main Reasons to Use Linovision POE IP Over Coax Converters

Reason 1
Upgrade traditional analog camera system to IP surveillance system without replacing existing coaxial cable (RG59 cable)

Reason 2
PoE Extend up to 3,000ft without repeaters

There are some situations that users need to transmit PoE power and data over ultra long distance, for example, power a remote security camera from 500 meters (or 1,640ft) away (from one building to another building), or supply power to a PoE IoT device from one side to another side of an underwater tube. The regular PoE extender will extend 100 meters only. With Linovision innovative EOC solution, it makes this possible to transmit PoE power and data over max. 1,000 meters (or 3,300ft) through regular Cat5e or Cat6 cable, this will reduce thousands of dollars in cabling cost.

Reason 3
POE +Data Transmission over Twisted pair cable, coax cable, telephone cable, doorbell camera, or any two-pin cables

There are some locations that without network cables but still need POE power and data transmission, for example elevator carts in many buildings, or doorbell cables, LINOVISION EOC converters is perfect for this application. It can transmit POE power and IP data over coax RG59 cable, twisted pair cable, doorbell cable, telephone cable, or even power cables. The remote connected device can be IP cameras, IP Video intercoms, IP phones, or IP controllers, etc.

EOC (Ethernet Over Coax, also known as IP over Coax) Converter is used to transmit Video & Audio & Data over existing coaxial cables.Features with
POE & IP data transmission, LINOVISION EOC converter is designed to upgrade traditional analogue video surveillance system to IP surveillance
system without replacing coaxial cables. It is working with POE IP cameras, POE Wi-Fi AP, VoIP phones, etc.
Linovision EOC Unique Features

Unique Features compared with other products in the market

  • POE + IP Data transmission over Coaxial cable, perfect for IP CCTV system.
  • Industrial design, with built-in heat sink, ensure super reliability and hassle-free transmission.
  • Up to 100Mbps in 300m (1000ft) RG59 cable transmission, max 1000m (3000ft) distance in 10Mbps.

2022 Updated Version

The 2022 version EOC converter supports POE IP data transmission over twist pair cable, such as Cat5E/Cat6 cable, power line, RS485 cable, etc.
BNC to Twist pair connectors are required in this connection. This function is widely used in elevator application.

Outstanding Features:

  • IP Video & Audio & Data & POE Power transmission over coaxial cable.
  • Passive design, no power adapter is required.
  • Max 1000 meters (3000ft) transmission.
  • Upto 100Mbps bandwidth over 1,000 feet regular coax cable transmission, working with CCA/CCU RG59/RG6 cable.
  • Plug-and-play, configuration free.
  • Small size (3.1“x2.0”x0.9“), light weight, fit into regular cameraback box.
  • Compatible to IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at POE protocol, max 21W POE load capacity in 100m (330ft) , or 11W POE load capacity in 300m (1000ft).
  • Optional water-proof box for outdoor use.
  • Working with POE IP Cameras, POE Wi-Fi AP, VoIP phone, etc.
  • 1 * RJ45 port:10/100Mbps, MDI/MDIX self-adaption; 1 * BNC RG59 coaxial.

EOC Connection Diagram
EOC Transmission Performance form

EOC Transmission Performance

  • This chart of transmission performance is based on regular RG59 coaxial cable and powered by standard DC48V POE injectors.
  • The performance will be better when using RG6 cable or DC53V POE injectors.
  • This EOC transmitter and receiver can transmit up to 100Mbps network data and load max 11W POE device in 300 meters (or 1,000ft).
  • The network bandwidth will be automatically lowered to 10Mbs over 1,000ft and the max transmission distance is 3,280ft. This bandwidth is still sufficient for single 4K IP camera.

EOC Application for single IP Camera
EOC Application for single IP Camera
  • Upgrade traditional analogue system to IP surveillance system while using existing coaxial cable(RG59 cable)
EOC Application for VoIP Phone; WiFi AP
EOC Application for VoIP Phone; WiFi AP
  • Remote power & network transmission for VoIP phone, WiFi AP (POE enabled) over coaxial cable
EOC Application in Elevator
EOC Application in Elevator
  • Transmit POE power and IP data over coaxial or twist pair cable. One passive EOC-transmitter will be put inside the elevator cart to feed camera or signal board, and one EOC-receiver will be in the control room, powered by POE switch/POE injector/POE NVR.
  • For multiple elevators application, one EOC-Switch04 or EOC-Switch24 will be put in the control room, working together with max 8 elevators.

General EOC Applications

  • Upgrade traditional analogue system to IP surveillance system while using existing coaxial cable(RG59 cable)
  • Remote network & power transmission for POE compatible devices over coaxial cable,such as VoIP phone, WiFi AP (POE enabled)
  • Remote network connection over long distance coaxial cable (100Mbps bandwidth in 300 meters or 1000ft transmission)

Outstanding Product Details

Red Ports Support BT 90W PoE
The first two red ports support the IEEE802.3bt POE++ standards, providing up to 90W PoE injector for high-power PoE devices, like PoE monitor, PoE lighting, PTZ camera, etc.
PoE Watchdog and PoE Extend Mode
PD Live (PoE Watchdog) to auto reboot when PD device is freezing (DIP Switch 1)
PoE Extend to enable 820ft PoE transmission (DIP Switch 2)
2-CH Redundant Power Supply
Support 2 channels DC48V - 57V Power Input

Excellent PoE Watchdog Function


  • Interfaces: 8*10/100Mbps Ethernet PoE Ports (2 * IEEE802.3af/at/bt+6* IEEE802.3af/at) +1 * 1000M SFP +1 * Gigabit uplink
  • Intelligent PoE: Provides control over power consumption and offers real-time monitoring to ensure power supplies receive priority with important ports.
  • BT 90W: The red ports support IEEE802.3af/at/bt and Hi-PoE standards, with a maximum output power consumption rate of 90W per port. Suitable for powering high-power devices.
  • 8-pin assignment PoE power supply: Supports 8-pin simultaneous power supply (1/2/4/5 positive, 3/6/7/8 negative). Signal lines and idle lines supply power at the same time.
  • Long distance PoE: The transmission distance of a PoE port can be up to 250 m, meeting the requirements of wired transmission (bandwidth reduced to 10 Mbps).
  • PoE watchdog: It enables the switch to automatically detect port status and restart failed ports to recover connection in case of IPC connection exception.
  • Wide working temperature:–30 °C to +65 °C (-22 °F to +149 °F)

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