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  • 【NON-CONTACT MEASUREMENT】Equipped with 7.5mm lens, LINOVISION’s thermal handheld camera supports max 80 x 80px (Imager resolution), 240*320(display resolution) and 20ms fast screening without personal contact and identifying individuals with elevated body temperature from a distance of 6.5ft away.
  • 【HIGH MEASUREMENT ACCURACY】Object temperature measurement ranges from -20℃ to 380℃/-4 ℉ to 716℉(± 2℃). Filter mode measurement ranges from 32℃ to 42℃/89.6 ℉ to 107.2℉(± 0.5℃) for body temperature measurement. Automatically beep warning when detected temperature exceeds 37.9℃(99.1℉).
  • 【UNIQUE FEATURES】Rechargeable battery, continuous working up to 8 hours. Support bluetooth connection to PC/Tablet/phone and optional HDMI output.
  • 【APPLICATION】In the last 3 months, this system has been widely deployed in airports, commercial buildings and public transportation stations from tens of countries. NOTE: Thermal imager can only be used indoor, some outdoor environment factors will affect the accuracy of the temperature measurement. To obtain precise measurement, it’s recommended to use it half an hour after powering up.
  • 【24/7 US LOCAL + GLOBAL TECH SUPPORT】This product comes with 1-year warranty, 24/7 Life-time US LOCAL + GLOBAL Tech Support. Free system consultant service. Just feel free to contact us here. Ready and willing to help in anytime.
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      How it works

      Portable thermal imaging camera is a very flexible and affordable body temperature measurement solution. It can be handheld by a person, or mount on a tripod for visitors and employees to measure temperature by themselves. The measurement accuracy can be ±0.5℃ (0.9 ℉) from 2m (6.6ft) away. This kind of devices have been widely used in retail stores, restaurants, small businesses, warehouse, hospitals, apartment buildings, etc. Even after this pandemic, this device can be used for HVAC / plumber / warehouse inspections to increase your ROI.



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