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The LINOVISION Industrial 8 Ports Full Gigabit Managed PoE Switch with DC12V-57V marks a significant leap forward. Designed to cater to the demanding requirements of industrial settings, this switch combines robust performance with advanced management features.

High-Speed Connectivity and SFP Uplink Options

At the core of its functionality are eight 10/100/1000Mbps PoE ports, ensuring high-speed data transmission across the network. Complementing these are two high-speed 1G/2.5Gbps SFP uplink ports, providing additional flexibility and bandwidth for upstream connections.

Advanced L2 Management for Enhanced Network Control

With L2 management capabilities, including VLAN and QoS, administrators can segment network traffic, prioritize critical data. The capability to manage PoE ports is a game-changer. This feature allows network administrators to monitor and control the power being delivered to devices (like IP cameras, wireless access points, and VoIP phones) directly through the network cable.

Versatile Power Supply Options

Understanding the diverse power needs in industrial scenarios, the switch supports a wide range of DC input from 12V to 57V. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for applications relying on solar systems and vehicle power systems, ensuring uninterrupted operation in various environments.

BT90W PoE Ports, Quick PoE and Perpetual PoE

Equipped with cutting-edge Q-PoE and Perpetual PoE technologies, the switch guarantees rapid and continuous power supply. This is crucial for environments where consistent power delivery is non-negotiable. The inclusion of a high-capacity 90W BT PoE port further extends its capability to power more demanding devices.

IoT Integration and Reliable Performance

Enhancing its industrial application, the switch features an RS485 serial port, facilitating seamless IoT integration. This feature broadens the scope of devices and systems that can be connected and managed, making it a future-proof choice for modern industrial networks.

To Learn More from Our Testing Video

By using LINOVISION Industrial 8 Ports Full Gigabit Managed PoE Switch. (POE-SW708GM-DC12V)

Simulating the application in a solar power system, demonstrate its wide voltage input(DC12V from Solar System), output of BT90W PoE voltage to power up PoE devices(PTZ Camera), and DC12/24V output to power non-PoE Wireless AP, remotly managing PoE port on/off, power budget limit, data on/off, through the PoE Port Management function.