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Linovision EOC-Converter is a combination of Power over Coax (PoC) and Ethernet over Coax (EOC) converter. With proprietary ePOE technology, it is designed to transmit both PoE power and ethernet data over coaxial cables or twisted pair cables, including siamese cable, CATV cable, power cable, Cat5E/Cat6, etc. The max transmission distance can be 3,300ft. It is super useful to upgrade the analog camera system to an IP surveillance system without replacing legacy coaxial cables. It can also be used in elevators to get power and network from coax or twisted pair cables.

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PoE + Ethernet over Coax (EOC) Converter

€79,99 EUR

PoE + Ethernet over Coaxial (EOC) Converter (5 Pack)

€389,99 EUR

PoE + Ethernet over Coaxial (EOC) Converter (10 Pack)

€779,99 EUR

Linovision EOC-Switch08 is an 8 ports industrial PoE Switch with built-in 8 EOC Receivers. Each port is auto-adaptive to PoE mode or EoC mode. When bundled with EOC-Transmitter, it works in EoC mode and transmits PoE power and data through coaxial cable or UTP cable up to 3,300ft. All the ports are very flexible in any mode, for example, you can use 4 ports in EoC mode and another 4 ports in PoE mode. Compared to 8 pairs of EOC-Converters, it provides much-simplified cabling and reduces your cost. It also offers an unparalleled advantage for long-reach PoE power at almost 10 times longer than regular PoE switches.

Choose an EOC-Switch Bundle

EOC-Switch0806 KIT

€499,00 EUR

EOC-Switch0802 KIT

€359,00 EUR

EOC-Switch0804 KIT

€429,00 EUR

EOC-Switch0808 KIT

€609,00 EUR

Other Accessories

EOC transmitter (connect to IP camera side)

€44,99 EUR

Mini 2-Port PoE Extender

€39,99 EUR

RJ45 to BNC Adapter for EOC Switch08

€17,99 EUR