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Linovision RemoteMonit Cloud is an unified platform to monitor and manage a complete solar powered video + IoT system, including camera video, solar charging status, IoT sensors, as well as cellular traffic usage.

Key Functions

  • Remotely monitor solar charging status from Linovision Solar Charge controllers or BAT12100 Battery
  • Remotely monitor data from RS485 sensors and LoRaWAN sensors
  • View cellular traffic usage from Linovision vSIM router (IOT-R51W) and refill data plans direclty
  • Customize group display of camera video and IoT sensors in one page
  • Display camera video and IoT sensor on Google Map
  • Provides Timelaps video for camera pictures
  • Customize trigger events and workflows

Device supported

  • Guarding Vision AI Smart IP Cameras and PTZ Cameras (tens of different options)
  • RS485 Sensors (tens of different options)
  • LoRaWAN Sensors (tens of different options)
  • LoRaWAN Controllers (IOT-C501, IOT-C502, IOT-C511, IOT-C512)
  • Solar Charge Controller (Solar-CMP10A)
  • Battery (BAT12100 with RS485 output)
  • RS485 Gateway (IOT-C101)
  • LoRaWAN Gateway (IOT-G65, IOT-G63, IOT-G67)
  • IOT-R51W vSIM Router
  • Managed PoE Switches (Coming soon)

Dashboard Screen