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Incorporating a PoE switch into RVs, solar-powered setups, and smart offices brings incredible benefits. For RV enthusiasts, it simplifies cabling by powering devices directly through PoE, leading to an efficient and space-saving setup. In the realm of solar power, it guarantees consistent power delivery to critical devices. Smart offices, too, benefit greatly, as PoE switches streamline network infrastructure, offering easier management and enhanced flexibility. Say goodbye to the clutter of wires and power plugs, and welcome a tidy and efficient power solution.

Overcoming Voltage Challenges

Normally, PoE technology requires about 48-57 volts to operate effectively. However, in RVs and solar-powered systems, power is often limited to just 12 volts from batteries. The traditional solution – using a DC to AC inverter – is complex and inefficient. LINOVISION's innovative approach integrates a DC12V/24V to DC48V voltage booster within the PoE switch, directly and efficiently harmonizing with solar power and RV power systems.

Introducing LINOVISION PoE Switches with Voltage Booster – From Entry Level to High-End

5 Ports Full Gigabit PoE Switch

Our entry-level model, perfect for small-scale setups. With five ports in total, including four PoE ports and one uplink port, it's ideal for small offices, home networks, or specific areas in larger facilities needing dedicated PoE supply. It boasts a 120W PoE budget, offering high-speed connectivity in a compact design.

8 Ports Full Gigabit PoE Switch

This mid-tier model is designed for medium-sized networks with potential for future growth. It features eight PoE ports and two SFP slots for fiber connections, catering to growing businesses and educational settings. With a 240W PoE budget, it supports a wide array of devices, balancing high port count with robust power delivery.

Industrial 8 Ports Full Gigabit Managed PoE Switch

Our top-tier model is tailored for professional, high-performance networks. With eight Ethernet ports, two uplink ports capable of 1G/2.5Gbps, and Layer 2 management features, it's perfect for industrial settings and large-scale deployments. Its comprehensive control over network traffic, VLANs, and QoS makes it ideal for businesses requiring advanced network management. With a 240W PoE budget and 90W BT PoE support, it caters to advanced users seeking extensive functionality and future-proofing in their networking hardware.