What is PoE Ethernet-over-Coax?

Amo Chen

As old coax CCTV surveillance system getting old and the IP system being more popular,If you want to upgrade analog system to IP surveillance system while using existing coaxial cable.the Ethernet-over-Coax(EOC)technology is the best way for you. 

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 How does Ethernet-Over-Coax Works?

In short, Ethernet-over-Coax allows you to transmit digital IP signals, normally carried by an Ethernet cable, over the analog coax cables already have. It does this by using two special Ethernet-over-Coax converters(transmitter and receiver) – one allowing you to connect the network camera to the coaxial cable itself, and another allowing you to connect the coax cable directly to the IP network. IP cameras are widely known to have a wider variety of features and benefits, and more powerful capability, than analog cameras, and Ethernet-over-Coax allows you to make use of those features without needing to make a massive switch to an entirely-digital system.

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 What are the benefits of Ethernet-Over-Coax ?

The most obvious benefit of ethernet-over-coax is that it simply makes the upgrade to IP cameras much easier and cheaper, as you don’t need to rip out any existing wiring in the walls, which drives up installation time, cost and hassle. IP cameras can essentially just be attached to the network in an almost plug-and-play fashion.

Once hooked up, you’ll be able to use virtually all the functions and features generally associated with IP cameras, such as increased resolution, faster speeds, and PTZ functions.

Ethernet-over-Coax also works with Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE), allowing you to supply power over your previous systems existing coax cables, giving you even more flexibility and capability. For example, by properly connecting to a PoE switch, you get all the features and efficient power management that PoE generally provides. You can even add extra local power to the adapter, allowing the system to power even higher-power cameras. (Power-over-Coax technology does exist on its own, but you it’s still rare to find in most security system setups, due to little need for it).  LINOVISION EOC Converter

Below is the system topology

EOC application