Single Port BT90W PoE Injector with 2.5G Super High Speed Transmission

Andy Chen
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POE-IN9001, it is LINOVISION Single Port BT90W PoE Injector, 1000Mbps/2.5G Super High Speed Transmission, Compatible to Standard IEEE802.3af/at/bt PD, POE++ Injector for High Power Consumption PTZ Camera, VoIP Phone. 
POE-IN9001 PoE Injector
Outstanding Features
  • BT90W POE INJECTOR - Convert single ethernet port to IEEE802.3af/at/bt 90W PoE++ port, supply sufficient PoE power for IP camera, PTZ camera, POE speaker, Wireless AP, etc.
  • 2.5G HIGH SPEED - Support 10M/100M/100M/2.5G super high transmission speed.
  • STANDARD PoE - Unlike some software emulated PoE, this PoE injector adopts hardware IEEE802.3af/at/bt PoE chipset and compatible to both Mode A and Mode B PD device. It follows PD Detection -> Classification Type -> Power On procedures to prevent standard PD device from damaging.
  • SPLICING DESIGN - PoE injectors can be combined whit each other by the bayonet. which makes it easier to manage when there are many PoE injectors.
  • PLUG-N-PLAY - Simply plug in the Ethernet cables and power cord, no configuration is needed.


Provide safe and reliable power to wireless access points, PTZ IP cameras, and VoIP Phone, etc. (Noted: Not compatible with passive 24V devices, such as Ubiquiti access points.)