High sights: Live observing water levels and remote control through solar power 4G PTZ cameras in ethernet and power cable hard-to-reach area

Frank Kong
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Hight sights is a company providing SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) services in Florida. One of the primary uses of SCADA is in water control.
Their controlling SCADA system relies on accurate water levels because it calculates and records all flows over the weirs, and some sites even automatically open gates based on these levels.  Water-level sensing equipment, such as pressure transducers, reports the levels to the SCADA "brains".
These transducers can drift slightly over time and need recalibration to show the exact levels at the site. They observe staff gauges to get the readings and correct the water level data from the transducers in SCADA.
The problem is that they are usually far away from their customers. They need something to help them observe and calibrate from a distance, which means they need a bunch of reliable PTZ cameras. 


Videos compliments of Florida Dept. of Transportation and High Sights, Inc.


As shown in the video above, the sites they monitor are unpopulated land, meaning it is hard to get an ethernet connection, let alone WiFi. Also, hiring a professional electrician to connect those PTZs to grid power can be costly.
Without electricity and internet connection, what cameras can operate? 
Luckily, they found us. LINOVISION, the savior.



We recommended our GO PTZ 542 KIT to meet their needs. 

  • 360° endless Pan, 90° Tilt rotation, and 25x optical Zoom (No blind spot!)
  • Built-in 4G LTE module 
  • Free Cloud Access and Mobile App
    Problem solved! 

    Customer Benefits


    - Working remotely in sites without wired internet or electricity, save huge labor cost.
    - Get real-time on-site HD video from mobile phone or WEB GUI.
    - Pan/TIlt and zoom control to get all the details to make a decision.
    - Reliable system that you can rely on when you badly need them.

    One more thing, these cameras were survived from the recent Hurricane Ian in Florida and helped to protect water facilities.
    Here are the photos to see their performance in high winds and storms.