How to upgrade analog cameras to IP with old coax? Operate modern cameras on old wiring with PoE over Coax technology.

Frank Kong
IP cameras have many advantages over analog ones, including Ultra HD 4K resolution, greater smartness, and manageability. Yet, a significant obstacle to upgrading existing surveillance systems is the requirement for new cabling. It could cost you tremendous time and effort to re-cable the premise(climbing the ladders, up and down). Even if you choose to call a guy to save you time, the cost of money can be very high. Not to mention the 328ft (100m) length limitation for Ethernet cables, which can be really restrictive.
LINOVISION offers a solution to overcome this obstacle by reusing legacy coaxial cables to create network and power connections for IP cameras to function.


Run ethernet and power simultaneously over coax

Ethernet over coax

Ethernet started off using coaxial cable, which was called ThickNet. It could run at 10 Mbps over 500m of coaxial cable. Therefore, it was also named 10Base5.
But it was too thick, making it difficult to install. So the Thinnet came out. It was thinner and cheaper, but at the cost of having its operating distance reduced to 200 meters. Therefore, it has the name 10Base2.
Eventually, people found the thinnet was still cumbersome. Then the savior twisted pair was born. It’s even thinner and cheaper, and still offers a high speed of 10 Mbps, but only over a distance of 100m. It has the name 10Base-T. T stands for twisted pair.
Over time, the twisted pair has evolved into 100Base-T and 1000Base-T. Among them, 100Base-T is known as Fast Ethernet and is super widely used.  
However,  compared to twisted pairs, coax has higher bandwidth, lower noise and signal loss, and greater transmission distances. Coax can transmit 80 times more data than twisted pair. 
Coaxial cable is generally preferred over twisted pair cabling for business usage, while twisted pair can be used for internal networks because of its low cost and easy installation.
If you have coax wired all over your place, then you’re very lucky because you only need coax to ethernet adapters to reuse these powerful old wires. 

Power over coax

Our adapters are not simple RJ45 to BNC port converters. It incorporated advanced coding modulation to put the data in the high frequency band and separate it from the power supply noise in the low frequency band. 
In the original analog system, it is impossible to realize coaxial power supply because the frequency of the data signal is too low, and it is interfered by the noise of low frequency power signal. 
By placing the data in the high frequency band, we not only achieved ethernet & power over coax at the same time but also make the 100Mbps data transmission rate achievable.
With common mode extraction, high and low frequency division, and impedance transformation techniques, we implemented a flawless PoE system to coax data and power transition. 


True plug-and-play 

Installing LINOVISION PoE over coax adapters is very straightforward. All you do is plug it in. The Receiver receives PoE from a PoE switch, NVR, or injector and delivers it down the coax. The Transmitter forwards PoE to end devices like VoIP Phones, wireless access points, IP access control, and PoE IP cameras. No external power cabling is required, and all detection and setup occur automatically. Works like a charm, as many people described.
In addition, because coax will coil and bend properly, unlike Cat 5e cables, LINOVISION provides an ideal means of PoE access to elevator cabs.

All in all, PoE over coax adapters are great time savers and absolute labor-saving devices for upgrading camera systems. 
LIONVISION PoE over coax adapters, your clean, cost-effective choice for surveillance system upgradation. 


One more thing, if you're considering upgrading six or more cameras in total, I recommend you try our PoE over coax switch.
First of all, it saves you more money than simply buying six or more pairs of converters.
Second of all, it is also a PoE switch, providing all the functions a PoE switch can do. 
That’s our genuine advice because one of our mottos is “think for the customers”.