Build a Resilient & Reliable Retail Network with Linovision Retail Solutions

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Retail businesses depend on a robust network to operate effectively. A resilient and reliable network ensures business continuity, enhances customer experience, and boosts productivity. The rise of e-commerce in recent years has intensified competition and heightened customer expectations, necessitating stronger network infrastructures for retailers.

This article discusses crucial factors retailers should consider when building a resilient and reliable network and demonstrates how Linovision retail solutions can help meet these requirements.

Essential Considerations

When constructing a resilient and reliable network, retailers must account for several key factors to ensure their network can support the demands of contemporary retail.

Bandwidth and Application Requirements

Retailers need to assess their network bandwidth requirements to adequately support their applications and services. This includes considering the number of connected devices, the volume of data transmission, and the necessary network speed.

With the expansion of e-commerce, retailers require networks that can handle substantial data loads. This necessitates high-speed connections, ample bandwidth, and low latency. Planning for future scalability is also crucial.

Alternatives to Legacy Connectivity

Retailers should explore alternative solutions for high-bandwidth applications, such as implementing secondary networks or using broadband bonding instead of a single high-capacity circuit. Considering IPSec virtual private networks (VPNs) as alternatives to multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) can also be beneficial.

Evaluating these alternatives allows retailers to optimize their network infrastructure and maximize return on investment (RoI).

Integrating Other Systems

Consolidating other systems, such as phone and security systems, onto the network can enhance its reliability and resilience. This integration reduces the number of physical systems to manage, thereby simplifying complexity and improving reliability.

For instance, moving security systems onto the network enables remote monitoring and integration with access control and video surveillance systems.

Building a Resilient & Reliable Network with Linovision Retail Solutions

Linovision offers a suite of products and services tailored to help retailers develop resilient and reliable networks.

Flexible Wired Infrastructure

Linovision provides a variety of switches, routers, and other networking products designed for high-speed, reliable connectivity. For example, the POE-SW716GM-10G switch features 10G ports for versatile retail network deployments. The POE-SW708GM and POE-SWR608G switches incorporate advanced chips for superior network performance. Linovision switches also support various network security strategies to ensure the network’s reliability and flexibility.

Linovision RemoteMonit Cloud Management

The Linovision RemoteMonit Cloud management platform offers a cloud-based solution that simplifies retail network management. RemoteMonit provides real-time network performance visibility, enabling retailers to quickly identify and address issues.

Retail-Built Wi-Fi 6

The Retail-Built Wi-Fi 6 IOT-CPE5G delivers fast, reliable connectivity with 2.4G & 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi and 2x2 MIMO Dual Radios for optimized performance. Featuring a Qualcomm Quad-Core Processor and 512MB DDR RAM, it is designed for quick and cost-effective deployment. Managed via Linovision cloud, the IOT-CPE5G is highly scalable, allowing for network expansion as business needs grow.


Retailers must ensure their networks can meet the increasing demand for fast, reliable, and secure connectivity to support their business objectives. Linovision retail solutions offer the tools and support necessary to build and maintain such networks.