How safe is Power over Ethernet?

Andy Chen
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Power over Ethernet (PoE) emerges as a game-changer, seamlessly powering devices and transmitting data through a single cable. From security cameras to Wi-Fi networks, PoE has become ubiquitous. Yet, questions persist about its safety when mixing electricity and data.

To address these concerns, we conducted a striking experiment, submerging a powered PoE switch's RJ45 connector in water alongside a hand. Despite the unconventional scenario, PoE technology's safety features shine. With low voltage operation, active power management, and built-in protection mechanisms, PoE proves itself resilient against electrical hazards.

This demonstration not only reaffirms PoE's safety but also instills confidence in its reliability for network administrators and users. While extreme conditions are not the norm, understanding PoE's safety capabilities dispels doubts and underscores its suitability for powering network devices securely. Join us as we unravel the safety of Power over Ethernet, redefining modern connectivity standards.